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Shuobuo translation company highly values '"credit ", insisting on faithfulness and considering itself as the communication bridge between Chinese and foreign countries.
Shuobuo translation services provides diverse translation services listed as the following: Document translation, Interpretation, Typesetting, Abroad study, Books and videos, Websites and Software localization.
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Address:Taipei City , Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Shuobuo Translation Services insist on the belief of quality and speed to provide perfect service.Please contact us if you need higher-qualified and faster translation service.
For small cases, we hope we can receive the payment in full. For large cases, the payment can be finished in two times. After completing the payment, you'd better notify us via phone or mail, so that the time efficiency can be ensured.
Unit: US Dollar/Word
Translation language
English to
Korean,Japanese, German,French,Spanish  Portuguese,
Russian, Italy, Indic
General,Educationtd0.08-0.10 0.13-0.14
Engineering,Business 0.10-0.11 0.14-0.15
Legal,Medical 0.11-0.12 0.15-0.16
Translation language
Korean,Japanese, German,French,Spanish Portuguese,Russian, Italy,Indic
To English
General,Education 0.08-0.10 0.13-0.14
Engineering,Business 0.10-0.11 0.14-0.15
Legal,Medical 0.11-0.12 0.15-0.16
Translation language
Chinese to
English,Japanese,Korean German,French, Spanish,Thai,Indic
General,Education 0.03-0.06 0.11-0.12
Engineering,Business 0.03-0.06 0.11-0.12
Legal,Medical 0.04-0.06 0.11-0.12
Translation language
English,Japanese,Korean German,French, Spanish,Thai,Indic
To Chinese
General,Education 0.02-0.04 0.05-0.08
Engineering,Business 0.03-0.05 0.06-0.09
Legal,Medical 0.03-0.06 0.06-0.09
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