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          1. PRODUCTS


            O, p-Toluene sulfonamide (O/PTSA)

            CAS NO. 1333-07-9
            Structural formula
            Molecular formula C7H9NO2S
            Item Index Item Index
            Assay ≥99 %  Moisture ≤0.5 %
            Ash ≤0.1 % Chloride ≤100 ppm
            Chroma ≤25 APHA  Sulfate ≤100 ppm
            Ortho 40±5 Para 60±5
            Melting point 107±5℃ Appearance white powder
            Uses Fluorescence resin and Plasticizer , used as Plasticizer of organic glass phenolic resin, polyamide resin, ink and hot melting agent
            Packing 225kg plastic woven bag with lining


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